Outdoor Catering Equipment


Food Carriers Food Carrier

Insulated, sealed containers hold full hotel pans in a variety of sizes and keep food hot for hours.

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Ice Caddies Ice Caddies

These leak-proof, well insulated containers are highly mobile to get ice to where you need it. Whether for beverage service, to maintain a food bar or as a main ingredient in fresh smoothies, these caddies will keep ice solid and useable longer than regular coolers.

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Beverage Carriers and Dispensers Beverage Dispensers

These convenient containers are excellent for serving hot or cold, non-carbonated beverages. Sports drinks, punch, tea, cocoa and coffee can all be provided to your clients with convenience and style.

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Food Bars Food Bars

Food bars are useful in situations where electricity is unavailable or limited because they retain hot or cold temperatures for hours.

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