Guide to Commerical Microwave Ovens


This indispensable piece of kitchen equipment is used to cook, reheat or defrost food products. Buying a commercial grade machine is paramount for a number of reasons.

Commercial Uses

Microwave chef

  • Higher wattage than domestic ovens
  • Ensures faster cooking and safer defrosting
  • Sophisticated heat distribution system evenly re-heats food
  • Stainless steel body built to withstand daily heavy duty use
  • Most insurance policies do not cover accidents caused by residential microwave ovens


Microwave oven

  • Quickly and safely cooks, reheats and defrosts food products for service
  • Programmable controls allow for easy, one touch start-up
  • Saves energy
  • Heavy duty construction for long lasting use
  • Produces extremely healthy dishes by using no additional cooking oil or fat


  • No caramelization or browning of food products
  • Can leave some foods very dry and flavorless

Want caramelization and browning with the speed of microwave cooking?
Consider investing in a combi oven.


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