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Marketing fried food in your restaurant the right way can lead to an increase in sales. In a 2009 Technomic consumer survey, consumers associated fried foods with the terms:

  • Tasty – 89%
  • Satisfying – 86%
  • Filling – 83%
  • Something I Crave – 80%
  • Comforting – 77%
  • Good Value – 71%

This same study also found that impulse is a large factor for fried food sales. However, consumers are even more aware of how a diet high in fried foods can lead to health concerns down the line.

So how do you let the public know that your fried food is worth the splurge? And, how can marketing fried foods in your restaurant help your brand’s image?

Easily enough, it’s all in your approach.

When marketing fried food items, craft your words in a manner that speaks to a customer’s true desire. Keep your fried food menu items at a price point that also equals a good value. Then, consider using the terms noted above.

For example, “Comforting Satisfaction That You Crave” is a fun combination of several terms. These words can be placed right on the menu, on a tabletop sign or in window or print advertising. Have fun with word play. Create combinations of the key terms that factor into the customers’ impulse decisions.

Tweet or post a status update to market fried food. Another great add-on is to use social media friendly applications such as Instagram and Cinemagram. These visual applications are perfect for posting right around meal or snack times. Take pictures of of your delicious fried food items – and add in some of the key attention grabbing words.

Still new to Facebook, Twitter and all the advertising opportunities online? Learn more about restaurant social media and how you can utilize new technologies to reach more customers.

How are the fried foods on your menu performing? Do you have any tips on marketing fried food menu items? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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