Make Your Own Green Cleaners


Green cleaning is easier than you think. In fact, you probably have all the ingredients required to mix your own green cleaners in your house right now! Check out the table below to ensure you can get started. Lucky for you, all of these ingredients are fairly cheap so you can start making green cleaners in no time.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

Cleaning Agent



VinegarAll-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, grease cutter, glass cleaner, mold killerPotent smellDo not mix with concentrated peroxide
Baking SodaDeodorizer, scourer, drain opener, polish bleach, disinfectant, stain removerN/A
Hydrogen PeroxideBleach, disinfectant, stain removerBreaks down in sunlight; store in opaque bottleDo not ingest in high concentrationsCorrosive to metals
BoraxBleach, disinfectant, deodorizer, stain removerDo not ingest in high concentrationsKeep separate from food areas
Lemon JuiceDisinfectant, grease cutter, bleach, fragranceN/A
Washing SodaStain remover, mold killer, foaming agent, deodorizer, grease cutterIrritates skin; wear glovesRemoves wax off floors
SaltScourer, drain openerN/A
Natural oils and extractsfoaming agent, polish, fragranceN/A

Green alternatives to conventional cleaning products

You can be creative and make up your own green cleaning recipes, or you can try some of the following:



BleachSoak ¼-½ c borax in 1 gal water for 5 minSpot clean with 3% hydrogen peroxide
Scouring powderApply borax and salt on spongeDip ½ of lemon in borax and use as scouring padScrub w/ paste of baking soda and water
Drain openerUse boiling water w/ equal parts vinegar and baking soda
Oven cleanerSprinkle salt on spill or stain and scour with baking soda
Tile cleanerMix ¼-½ c vinegar and 1 gal water
Toilet bowl cleanerFill bowl w/ vinegar. Apply baking soda to rim and scrub
General disinfectantProduce washCutting board washSpray w/ equal parts peroxide (3%) and water. Wipe clean
Furniture polishApply 3 parts oil and 1 part vinegar w/ a fine cloth. Wipe dry
Glass cleanerChrome polishSpray w/ vinegar and wipe w/ newspaper
Stainless steel polishRub w/ paste of baking soda and water
Silver polishCover container in aluminum foil and soak silver using:•             Boiling water, baking soda and salt•             Boiling water and washing soda
Brass polishMix equal parts salt and flour w/ a little vinegar. Rub
Copper polishRub with salt and lemon juice


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