How to Make Drop Strings on a Cake


Pull Some Strings

Drop strings are the tiny strings or small ribbons that are decoratively draped across many wedding cakes. They are considered one of the most elegant forms of cake decorating, but anyone can make them with a little bit of practice. Just follow these steps:

Make buttercream thinned with corn syrup, in whatever color you want your drop strings to be. The thinner frosting will “drop” more easily onto the cake.

  1. Attach a plain, #2 pastry tip to your pastry bag.
  2. On your cake, use a tiny little indentation to mark the distance between the tops of the strings.
  3. In the same manner, mark exactly how far down you want each string to drop. Usually, parallel strings will drop to the same level.
  4. Touch the pastry tip down at the point where you want a string to start.
  5. Pull the pastry tip away from the cake, just a few inches, allowing the string to fall using gravity alone. This will create more consistent and authentic-looking draped strings than if you were to actually draw the strings onto the cake.
  6. When the string has dropped as far down as you want it to, touch the tip again to the end of the string and release the pressure on the pastry bag to cut off the frosting.
  7. If you have a fondant cake or a cake with pre-hardened frosting, and the string breaks, you can use a toothpick to gently pull the broken pieces of string off and remove the frosting on top.

If you follow these simple steps, you should be creating professional-looking drop strings in no time at all. Drop strings alone can bring enough elegance to a wedding cake, without the need for any further decorations, other than a border.

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