Leaking Ducts Leak Profits


commercial kitchen ventilation

Duct work can shift with any work done to your ceiling. If your restaurant is more than a few years old, there’s a good chance that there is a duct leak somewhere. It spills conditioned air into your ceiling, upping your utility bills by causing your fans to work harder to get that air to your customers and employees.

Simple Savings Tips:

  • Buy pre-insulated ducts. If you are installing new duct work, insulation will reduce leakage risk.
  • Seal the system. . If you plan to keep your existing ducts, try sealing them. Use mastic and fiberglass, or another silicone-based sealant.
  • Perform random professional testing. This should be a regular part of your maintenance. Your lower energy bills will soon pay back the investment.

However, professional testing is not always required. All you really need to check for major duct leaks is a ladder and a flashlight. If you see any rips or tears in the material, patch them up quickly. Even small leaks can be a big problem. Be mindful of the problem to prevent your profits from simply blowing away.


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