Kiosks & Vending Carts



Kiosks and vending carts are ideal for staging a retail location in a setting that lacks a kitchen or electricity. By bringing your food to the customers, you increase your profits and your visibility. Kiosks and vending carts also build sales off premise and in non-traditional locations, allowing you to expand your business.

Office Building Lobbies

Coffee and Bagel Station

Coffee and Bagels

Provide a quick breakfast with a few gourmet coffees and a selection of bagels and cream cheese. This station will make a great profit in the morning hours and can easily be switched out for lunch in the afternoon

Lunch Station

Lunch Station

Provide convenient pre-made sandwiches, bottled beverages, fruit, individual bags of chips and handy desserts like cookies.

Sporting Events

Cold Beverages

Snacks and Drinks

Bottled and canned beverages can be merchandised in insulated bins while iced tea, coffee, sports drinks or cocoa can be served out of beverage containers.

Hot Wings

Pizza, Hot Dogs and Wings

Prepare pizza, hot dog and wings before you leave and keep them hot and ready in insulated food storage containers and cabinets.

Conference Centers

Smoothie Kiosk


If you are in a location with a power source, consider setting up a smoothie bar. Fresh fruit and milk will stay cold in insulated kiosk compartments.

Sub Sandwich Cart

Sub Sandwiches

With a selection of ingredients stored in insulated cabinets and merchandised into bins, you can make a variety of sandwiches to suit your clients’ tastes.
Snack Bar Muffin

Snack Bar

When the lunch hour has ended, put away your sandwich ingredients, change your menu board and merchandise a selection of pre-packaged snack and drinks that can be eaten on the run.


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