Pros & Cons of Induction Ranges


Induction RangeInduction ranges provide instantaneous heat production by utilizing magnetic charges to create heat. While more expensive than traditional gas or electrical hot plates, these units provide the safety and technology that is only available from induction cooktops.

The portable cooktops are very popular with catering businesses, as they are much cheaper and safer to operate than comparable butane or electric units.


Melted chocolate

  • Instantaneous maximum heat capacity negates pre-heating time
  • No wasted energy, burner only ignites when pan is placed on burner
  • Perfect for delicate sauces and chocolates
  • Easy to clean and no possibility of burns


Cast iron skillet

  • Initial expense of unit is much higher than conventional hot plates
  • Ferrous metal pans, such as cast iron or steel, must be used when cooking

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