The James Bond Guide to Playing a Prank


There are funny spur of the moment pranks: whoopee cushions, rubber snakes and phone calls asking for Jack Hass.

And then there are the large scale schemes of pure silliness. Epic even.  Watch how the FSW launch one of their own into the annals of internet prank fame.

One of our teammates was away on his honeymoon and we decided to pull off a James Bond-esque prank.

Knock-out gas?  Ejector seats?  No, we took this one seriously.  Watch how it all went down!

Yes, those are really smelly green kind. All the way to the ceiling.

Pulling a prank of this magnitude involved skill, agility, team work and creative aptitude. We recruited coworkers, a coworker’s kid and sourced about 50 industrial sized bags of packaging peanuts.







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