Hot Plates, Panini Grills and Toasters


Hot Plate

Hot Plates

When extra burners are needed, but buying an entire range doesn’t make sense – whether economically or spatially – these units provide affordable extra burner capabilities.


  • Adds extra burners without the cost and bulk of a full range
  • Allows for cooking additional food items and sauces à la minute
  • BTU ratings similar to full range burners provide high heat cooking potential

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Panini Grills

Panini Grills

These small electric grills are incredibly versatile and can enhance your profits considerably. Traditionally used to grill sandwiches by pressing a two-sided heating element onto the sandwich; these units can be used to make steak, hamburgers, chicken breasts, vegetables and many other products. When purchasing, be sure to judge your purchase based on cooking surface style, control style, size of grill and look for quick heat up and recovery times.


  • Versatility to cook a variety of food items
  • No additional ventilation needed

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Pop Up Toasters
Toasters are one of the most used items in many restaurants and hotels. Buying a commercial model, even if you run a small restaurant or café, is imperative for both heavy-duty durability and increased production levels. There are two different types of toasters: Pop-Up and Conveyor.

Pop Up

  • Suitable for smaller restaurant that still want the great taste of toasted bread
  • Less expensive than conveyor toasters
  • Not as versatile as conveyer style toasters

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Conveyor Toasters

  • Perfect for high occupancy restaurants and hotels
  • Larger openings allow for toasting of muffins, bagels and bread
  • Look for adjustable belt speed and adjustable heat setting
  • Provides high output of toast with short preheat times

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Want to produce toasted sandwiches as well?
Consider buying a conveyor oven giving you the option to toast sandwiches, cook pizzas, re-heat prepared foods, as well as toast all of your bread products.


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