Hot Food Tables vs. Food Bars


Hot Food Tables

Hot Food Table

  • Functional stainless steel appearance.
  • Powered by electricity to keep food hotter longer.
  • Adjustable thermostat prevents burning while maintaining optimal temperatures.
  • Cutting board and attached workspace available on some models.
  • Great for ideal cafeteria service.
  • Insulated to preserve hot or cold temperatures.
  • Optional end tables and tray rails for increase customer convenience.
  • Ideal for self-serve buffets.

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Food Bars

Food Bar

  • Some models are available with optional sneeze guards or sun canopies.
  • Flexible use because no electricity is required.
  • Tabletop units can turn any table into a self-service station.
  • Portable food bars come with bases which provide extra storage.
  • Available in hot and cold units.
  • These units are ideal for merchandising.

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