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Holidays are a time when people like to enjoy the finer things in life. Food, drink, friends, and holiday entertaining are often at the top of the list. Many spread holiday cheer with attractive drinks and seasonal beverages. Whether you are entertaining in your home, serving up holiday smiles at a catered event or dolling out the drinks from behind the bar, here’s our holiday guide to some of the best holiday cocktails and other beverages, and the best glassware to accompany them.

Holiday Punch

If you are hosting a party or helping plan a catered event, holiday punch is the perfect addition. Throw in some cranberry or citrus for a little kick, and don’t forget the soda for some added fizz! Try these punch bowls for any occasion where punch is on the menu.

Egg Nog

Egg nog is a go-to holiday beverage for many families. Drink it after dinner in the evening, or get creative and make egg nog martinis served in–what else–martini glasses! Adding a little pumpkin pie spice can gives it a little more zip, and a dash of brandy makes this treat even more adult-friendly.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is perfect following a holiday meal, or simply as an enjoyable drink among friends on a chilly night. Traditionally made with good quality coffee, Irish whiskey and a touch of cream, these drinks are even more fun served in Irish coffee glasses. There’s just something special about the tall, transparent, footed glass that makes these mugs stand out.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

The beauty of hot chocolate is that it can be sweetened and garnished with peppermint for a beautiful and Christmas-y dessert, or it can be enjoyed with a nip of alcohol at the bar for the perfect nightcap. Serve customers at the bar with coffee mugs. For something a little fancier at a catered event or home party, pour hot cocoa into porcelain teacups.


The more refined among us may simply want to sip a fine brandy to warm their bellies during the cold winter weather. Cater to all your guests by keeping a selection of brandy snifters on hand. These glasses are perfect for swirling fine alcohol and enjoying the full flavor of a good scotch.


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