High-Volume Produce Prep Equipment Review


Preparing produce is a key component to many restaurant kitchen operations. Traditionally, the slicing and dicing was all performed by hand with a knife and a cutting board. And although some foods or recipes may still merit this type of care, there’s no need to perpetuate the behavior of a galley slave if there’s a better way.

Fortunately, there is a better way! Check out our reviews and recommendations for high-volume produce prep equipment designed for common ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce.

Fry Cutters

When you want to offer great-tasting french fries on your restaurant menu, fresh-cut potatoes can’t be beat. Instead of pre-cut frozen hunks of starch, cutting your own potatoes for french fries can make a big difference in taste and overall customer satisfaction. However, manually cutting and preparing potatoes is rarely an option for busy commercial kitchens.

Commercial fry cutters are designed to take the hard work out of preparing fresh potato fries. These high-volume food prep devices are made to handle the dense tubers while producing uniform slices ready for the fryer. With sturdy feet or brackets that can be mounted to a countertop or wall, commercial fry cutters can slice hours off your food prep time and add volumes to your menu’s tastiness factor.

FoodServiceWarehouse.com recommends the Update International (FFC-25) ¼” Cut French Fry Cutter. The heavy-duty cast iron construction and lever-style handle make the repetitive cutting action easier during food prep shifts. The quarter-inch grid-style blade ensures uniform proportions and cutting consistency.

Tomato Slicers

It’s easy to find a tomato-friendly recipe, from Caprese salads to margherita pizzas to hamburger garnishes. However, preparing fresh tomatoes in the restaurant can be a hassle without the right equipment. Get your customers their daily dose of lycopene by using a commercial tomato slicer.

The beauty of commercial tomato slicers is that you can achieve consistent slice size on each tomato with one swipe through the included blades. The slicer blades come in sizes anywhere from 3/16 of an inch to ¼ of an inch. Just load a tomato and use the handle to push it smoothly through the blade component.

For a durable and simple slicer option, take a look at the Royal Industries (ROY TW 14) ¼” Cut Tomato Slicer. Prepare the day’s supply of tomatoes quickly and easily with this countertop slicer. It’s tailored for high-volume slicing. With an attached table catch to hook on the side of a prep table or countertop, as well as padded feet on the base, you can slice to your heart’s content without worrying about stability.

Lettuce Cutters

Lettuce is a common food item in many restaurants. Be it in a salad or on a taco, lettuce adds a little something to the plate whether it’s a vehicle for proteins or simply a green garnish. If you need large volumes of lettuce chopped in a hurry, the proper food prep equipment is a must.

Commercial lettuce cutters are designed to chop full heads of lettuce in a short time. Small pieces are especially good for salads or slaws. With sturdy legs and smooth manual handles, lettuce cutters can make quick work of otherwise time consuming preparation.

To chop lettuce greens with consistency and ease, use the Vollrath (4400N) Lettuce King IV. This unit provides fast, efficient chopping ability, eliminating the cost of excess labor in the kitchen. Simply load up one head of lettuce on top of the chopper blades, then press down on the easy-grip handle for quick, one-stroke operation. You can expect crisp, clean cuts without squashing or bruising your produce; one inch by one inch cuts are especially ideal for salads. Plan to purchase a lettuce cutter with the blade size that makes the most sense for your needs, but know that many equipment blades are interchangeable for different sizes.


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