Guide to Heated Merchandisers and Cabinets


Heated Merchandisers and Cabinets – also known as snack warmers – are units with almost universal heating and merchandising application. They are containers available in various sizes with heating sources which sit on countertops displaying food to customers. Some units are self-serve which can be beneficial to businesses such as convenience stores.
Heated Merchandiser

Self Service Heated Merchandisers

  • These snack warmers have walls that are insulated for better heat retention.
  • Some have steps inside the case to maximize the display area.
  • Available with a choice of two to four shelves for maximizing the amount of product displayed.
  • If you are using the snack warmer as a merchandiser, the food being held must appear fresh.
  • Doors or openings on two sides are useful if you have a self-serve establishment so food can be loaded from the back while the customer takes it from the front.

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Heated Cabinet

Full Service Heated Merchandisers

  • These heated Cabinets designed to hold pizzas sometimes have turning pizza trays.
  • These units keep products uniformly warm by using both bottom and top heat.
  • It is important that all your snack warmers are easy to clean as they may be seen by customers often and the product they contain should be appetizing.
  • There is a range of accessories for your snack warmer that you may find necessary to purchase including tray slides, sneeze guards and temperature displays.

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Soup Merchandiser

Soup Merchandisers

  • Keep soup warm and accessible for your customers.
  • Soup kiosks enhance soup presentation, an otherwise difficult item to promote well.
  • Many merchandisers come with self-leveling dispensers for disposable cups and bowls.

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