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Choose from a wide variety of concession equipment that will increase sales and profits. Customers can self serve from much of the equipment, increasing impulse sales and profits. All equipment provides quick dispensing of food products for fast turnaround and customer service.

Some Important Considerations

Hot Dog Concession

  • Available counter space
    Check that the footprint of the machine fits the allotted counter space.
  • Access to electricity
    All concession equipment, except for condiment dispensers, requires electricity.
  • Product user
    Determine whether customers, employees or both with serve from the equipment. Plan placement of equipment accordingly.
  • Additional food products and equipment
    Gyros, crepes, waffles, popcorn, hot dogs and nachos require additional food for toppings or fillings which will require the purchase of additional equipment.

Condiment dispensers come as pump, ladle, combination, or packet stations. All types complement concession equipment by providing an easily accessible station for finishing touches.


Types of Condiment Dispensers

Pump DispenserDeck Mounted Faucet

  • Dispenses one ounce servings
  • Perfect for ketchup and mustard

Ladle DispenserLadle Dispenser

  • Dispenses one teaspoon per serving
  • Perfect for vegetable toppings

Pump & Pan DispenserPump and Pan Dispenser

  • Pumps dispense one ounce servings
  • Pans dispense relish and other toppings

Condiment Organizers Packet Dispenser

  • Dispenses individual condiment packets
  • No mess

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Heated Dispensers

Heated dispensers are available in the following types: faucet, pump, ladle or push button.

Pump Dispensers Pump Dispensers

  • Used for hot, viscous liquids such as cheese, chili sauce, and fudge
  • Pump controls portion amounts and reduces mess
  • Uses either #10 cans or bowl inserts
  • Variety of decals available for identification of content

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Ladle Dispenser Ladle Dispensers

  • Used for hot, viscous liquids such as cheese, chili sauce, and fudge
  • Gives customers more control over portions
  • Drips and spills likely, requiring frequent clean up
  • Uses either #10 cans or bowl inserts
  • Variety of decals available for identification of content

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Push Button Dispensers Push Button Dispensers

  • Peristaltic pump dispenses product directly from pouch
  • Tight air control for extracting more food product from pouch, reducing waste
  • Easy removal and replacement of pouch
  • Requires least amount of clean up
  • Variety of decals available for identification of contents

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Faucet Dispensers Faucet Dispensers

  • Used for hot liquids such as coffee, hot chocolate and syrup
  • Available in six or 12 quart capacities

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Waffle Bakers

Waffle bakers tempt customers with the enticing aroma of freshly cooked waffles. Waffle bakers are designed for the production of one of three distinct varieties of waffles – traditional, Belgian and cone. The waffle pattern determines the waffle type produced and the recipe used.

Types of Waffle Bakers

Traditional Pattern

Traditional Waffle

  • Used to produce breakfast waffles
  • Waffles are thin, dense and usually served for breakfast with butter and syrup topping

Belgian or Brussels Pattern

Belgian Waffle

  • Used to produce a lighter and thicker version of the traditional waffle
  • Often served for breakfast or dessert with fruit, confectioner’s sugar or whipped cream as toppings

Cone Pattern

Cone Waffle

  • Used to make thin and dense waffles
  • These waffles are rolled, while warm, into a cone to hold ice cream

Other Things to Consider

Which are better, aluminum or cast iron plates?

While aluminum heats up faster, cast iron best retains heat. For high volume waffle production, cast iron plates ultimately perform better with three times more output.

Round Waffle BakerCast Iron Waffle Baker

Which are best, round or square plates?

The shape, round or square, is merely a personal preference. It does not affect the taste of the end product.

Nacho Equipment

Why purchase Nacho Chip and Cheese equipment? Nachos and Cheese

Chip merchandisers display fresh nacho chips while cheese dispensers provide the hot cheese sauce. Together they make for profit increasing impulse purchases at minimal cost and effort.

Important Considerations

The capacity of the merchandiser must be considered as well as the available counter space. Choose a machine that both fits the space and customer demand.

Crepe Machines

Crepe Machine
Crepes are easy, versatile food products that complement and increase an establishment’s concession repertoire at low cost and effort. Depending on the filling, crepes can be served as breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, increasing sales potential during all operating hours.

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Gyro Grills

Gyro Grill
Gyro grills accommodate different weights of meat depending on the model. Therefore, the projected amount of gyro meat sold should be considered when purchasing a machine.

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