Guide to Commercial Can Openers


What is the difference between Regular & Crown Punch Can Openers?

Manual Can Opener

Manual Can Openers

Manual or traditional can openers work by punching a narrow blade through the lid and turning the can to remove the lid. They come in slower hand cranked models and durable electric ones.


Crown Punch Can Opener

Crown Punch Can Openers

Crown punch can openers use a circular blade to punch the lid of the can out and remove it in a single motion. Multiple blade sizes are available for opening many can sizes. Manual and electric styles are available.

Caring for your Can Opener

Caring For Your Can Opener

  • Never sharpen the knife of a manual can opener; they are designed to fold the metal of a can, not cut it.
  • Replacement blades are available if the performance of the can opener begin to decline.
  • Electric can openers may have multiple speeds:
    • Faster speeds are used for quicker operation
    • Slower speeds are for avoiding messes when opening cans of liquid items
  • Manual models can be completely submerged for sanitation.
  • Powered crown punches are equipped with removable blades and housing assemblies for easy cleaning.

Can Crushers

What about Can Crushers?

Once you’ve opened and emptied your cans, consider using a can crusher to reduce the volume of your garbage. Can crushers come in manual, air powered and hydraulically powered models, all of which smash empty cans to nearly flat discs.


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