Guide to Bar Waitstaff Supplies


Supplying Your Bar’s Waitstaff

When your waitstaff is serving customers away from the bar, they need to have all of the adequate tools to serve quickly and efficiently. Peak hours can be overwhelming for servers and bartenders, but customers still expect to be served the right drink in a reasonable amount of time.

Bar Trays

Allow waiters to carry more and save your glassware. Keep an assortment of sizes on hand for different orders. Glasses are especially heavy when full, so bar trays are made of plastic or cork to be light enough to carry when filled. Smaller loads may take longer to serve, but they will not be as heavy and could decrease accidents.

Carrying drinks on trays as opposed to carrying them in bouquets saves your glassware in the long run. The clinking of the glasses when pushed together in a bouquet makes them prone to breakage. Use cork trays for carrying beverages, as your glasses will not slip on the cork surface. Some plastic trays also have a rubber non-slip surface on top that are great for bar use.
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Ice Scoops

Mandate the use of ice scoops. By stocking up on ice scoops, you give your staff an alternative to using glassware to scoop ice. Using glassware to scoop ice makes the glass more prone to breakage. If the glasses do break, it will be difficult to locate the pieces of glass in your ice bin, and if you do not empty the entire bin, the shards could end up in a customers drink.
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Give your servers aprons to hold straws, change, tip trays and a notepad for taking drink orders. The aprons give servers a professional look, and they also protect the waitstaff’s clothing.
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Tip Trays

Stock up on tip trays for your bar area, so that customers can receive their checks and have a place to leave their tip for the waiter or waitress. Order at least one per table. Not all of your tables will need a tip tray at the same time, but this covers you if tables split checks or if some trays get lost or cracked.
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Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Give each member of your waitstaff a bottle opener and a corkscrew, especially in a wine bar or an up. This allows them to open beer and wine bottles at the table where your customers are served.
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If your bar allows smoking, be sure to have plenty of ashtrays on hand. There should be at least one ash tray per table of four and additionally one every five feet along the bar.
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