Griddles & Cheesemelters



Griddles consist of a flat metal plate made of steel, cast iron or aluminum upon which the food is cooked. The large amount of open space allows the user to cook numerous items simultaneously, while keeping different foods separate to avoid taste contamination. Griddles with a non-stick surface or that are appropriately seasoned limit the amount of food that sticks to the surface.

Countertop Griddle


  • Different foods can cook simultaneously on griddle surface
  • Ideal for cooking a variety of foods from eggs to hamburgers
  • Open cooking area allows for easy cleanup


  • Griddle must pre-heat before use
  • Must be properly seasoned

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Similar to, cheesemelters employ overfire heating technology to quickly re-heat and brown food items. Cheesemelters vary in size and performance, though they are typically less powerful than other overfire broilers. Countertop models are designed for smaller food items that need a quick blast of heat to prepare them for service.

Countertop Cheesemelters


  • Quickly browns food, melts cheese and creates au gratin dishes
  • Lower energy output provides alternative to salamanders


  • Light weight cooking grid does not allow for heavy-duty food production
  • Lacks the complexity of a salamander broiler

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