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Work smarter, not harder, and save money with these energy-smart solutions.

Reduce idle time.

Commercial fryers spend at least 75% of the day on idle. Cutting out four hours of idle time each day could save about $250 annually for a gas fryer and about $350 for an electric fryer.

Check and adjust thermostats.

Check the temperature of the cooking oil with a reliable commercial thermometerCategory2016. Over time, fryer thermostats can become inaccurate.

Create a start-up/shut-down schedule.

Pay close attention to when your restaurant equipment is turned on and off. Then work on creating a start-up/shut-down schedule that you can post with staff assignments.

Turn off back-up fryers during slow times.

If fryers spend a significant time idling, energy efficiency goes out the window. Invest in automatic shut-off technology or make sure to manually shut off fryers when they are not in use.

Don’t load beyond the recommended capacity.

With high-volume commercial fryers, the temptation is to overload them with product. In reality, this only prolongs the cooking time.

Check oil temperature.

The oil should be between 325-350º F. If you get it too hot, it can damage the fryer.

Fryer Maintenance: It’s Elemental

To keep your equipment performing efficiently and with the least amount of energy, establish a regular maintenance plan with these maitain and save tips.

Check the temperature of the oil.

Most fryers now have reliable built-in temperature gauges. To be on the safe side, use a thermometer to check that your thermostat is functioning properly. There are several reasons why your machine may not be able to hold the correct temperature, but the result is always the same: a loss of energy dollars.

Clean the heating element.

A clean heating element is vital for keeping your commercial fryer running smoothly and at the proper temperature. It also ensures that heat transfers effectively to food and not to grease particles.

Regularly degrease the unit.

Grease build-up on your fryer’s components will lead to inefficiency and possibly a premature break down of the unit.

Monitor recovery times.

If recovery times are growing longer, this is a sign that you need to replace your unit. Losing energy dollars to prolong its life is not cost-effective. In general, electric fryers have faster recovery times and better overall performance.

Finding Efficient Fryers

Saving energy dollars begins with choosing the right equipment. Learn which energy-smart features can save you the most money and help you to conserve electricity or gas with these shop smart & save energy dollars tips.


Look for the ENERGY STAR qualification when purchasing a new fryer. Fryers that earn the ENERGY STAR have a minimum cooking efficiency of 50% for gas and 80% for electric. You can even save up to $600 a year on utility bills.

Consider turbo technology.

Also known as fan-assisted burner technology, this feature is designed to boost energy efficiency by as much as 55%.

Check out improved filtration systems.

Some of the newest machines have automatic filtration systems which can use the same fryer oil for up to 27 days. An improvement like this can save a bundle in oil costs.

Automatic energy-saving mode.

Some models offer improved electronic controls that can put a fryer into idle (250º F) after a specific period of inactivity. Such features can be very useful for reducing energy consumption, especially in a busy commercial kitchen with no one to manually turn the machine off.

Go for the fastest recovery time.

Make sure your new energy-efficient fryer has a fast recovery time. Some may not, and you should not have to sacrifice performance for energy efficiency. Look specifically for electric fryers which recover faster than gas ones.

Get insulation.

Insulation around the frypot can diminish stand-by losses by up to 25%. This is mostly available to high-end electric fryers, but the savings may be worth the initial cost.

Look for improved data technology.

The latest technology allows you to connect your fryer to a PC for monitoring purposes, or to control cooking from a central location. Being able to pinpoint an underperforming fryer is just one of the benefits of this technology.

Check for rebates.

Many types of energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment have rebates available from utility companies. It pays to check with your local utility provider since rebates can cut a significant portion off your initial cost.


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