Forged vs. Stamped Knives


Choosing Between Forged or Stamped Knives

Every piece of commercial cutlery is constructed using one of two methods, forging or stamping.

Forged Knives

Forging is a steel shaping method that has been used for hundreds of years. The process begins with a metal bar, also called a billet or blank. The bar is heated to near melting point and hammered into the desired shape. Modern forges use a hydraulic hammer press to pound the steel into a die or mold. Once shaped the knife goes through up to 40 additional steps to create the final product.
Forged Knives

  • More expensive than stamped knives
  • Blade is thicker and heavier than stamped
  • Has a bolster between the heel and handle
  • Considered superior in both strength and balance

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Stamped Knives

Stamped knives are created by passing a steel sheet under a hydraulic press. The press cuts the desired shape out of the metal, similar to how a cookie cutter cuts shapes in dough.
Stamped Knives

  • Do not have a bolster
  • Less expensive than forged knives
  • Blades are thinner and lighter than forged
  • Full tang blades tend to be poorly balanced

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