Football Promo Ideas for Your Restaurant or Bar


Nothing says “are you ready for some football” like watching the big game with a cold beer and a good burger. And although a clear view of the TV and great refreshments cover the basics, it’s not all that can be done.

With a little creativity and planning, you can lure football fans for this weeks game and keep them coming back for more. Let’s take a look at some ideas to get you started.

Promotional Partnerships

Many beverage distributors offer promotional partnerships with bars and restaurants to help off-set the cost of running a “sale.” Theoretically, these partnerships offer a win-win for you and the distributor, in that the distributor boosts its sales and deliveries to your bar or restaurant and your overall profits increase as a result of having the buying power to run a special. Speak with your local beverage distributors to see what kind of promotional partnerships are available in your area. This can include discounted kegs, bottles of liquor and on-site talent handing out free gifts to customers.

Creative Menu Options

Add items to your menu that speak to football fans, literally. For example, an Indianapolis bar, the Broad Ripple Tavern, ran a special during the Super Bowl with cocktail names including the Belichick, Brady Bomb and Welker Water. You can do the same with food and beer specials as well.


Build Loyalty

There is a variety of ways to work with the football season to attract and retain customers’ loyalty. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to do this.

Use Your Location. Are you near a junior high, high school, college or NFL football stadium? If so, run promotional offers for ticket stubs. Depending on your demographic and your menu, offers can range from kids under 10 eat free all the way up to buy one beer and get one free.

Host Contests. Odds are the football fans in your area are a betting crowd. Infuse your promotional deals with a little healthy competition. Award the winners with prizes such as a free drink, free appetizer, cash prizes or promotional merchandise from your restaurant or home team.


Get Social

Get your customers involved with your restaurant’s football fever and get their friends to join along. Host social media events to catapult sales while staying engaged with your community.


Host Fantasy Leagues

With a large demographic spanning from ages 15 to 65+, fantasy football leagues cross the gender gap and excite fans everywhere. A fantasy league adds in a whole new level of excitement for football fans, even if their home team isn’t one favored for the Super Bowl. Cash in on this opportunity to build relationships with customers and become the fantasy league base of operations.

Setting it up

  • Find a website with an official NFL Fantasy League Draft
  • Charge a one-time entry fee to participate to cover the cost of draft boards and party favors
  • Keep all fantasy league stats visible throughout the season and award weekly prizes
  • Host game time menu specials that are exclusive to fantasy participants
  • Capture email addresses of participants and enter them into your loyalty program

Be sure to score on some of the great opportunities for food service during this football season with creative promotions that are fun and engaging. Get the word out, build loyalty and give your customers something to cheer about!


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