Food Presentation: How to Sell More Snacks at Your Wine Bar


Food and wine have been best friends since the invention of wine many thousands of years ago. Food ran into wine on the playground, asked wine if it wanted to hang out, and soon they discovered they just went really, really well together.

Sometimes, though, a few thousand years will see a relationship get a bit stale. You still love each other and all, but in order to keep things fresh you’ve got to dress up every once in a while. You know: put on a new hat, tie a ribbon in your hair, that sort of thing. Luckily, there are a host of products that make food and wine more attractive, both to each other and to customers. Let’s take a look at some of these products, and how they can be used to encourage customers to order snacks with their wine.

Cheese Boards:

If wine and food are best friends, then wine and cheese are super mega best friends. Cheese boards are designed specifically for displaying cheese, often with a handle and a slot to hold the knife. An attractive array of cheeses on a classic cheese board such as this one makes for an offer customers cannot refuse.

Cheese Serving Sets:

Adding cheese sets to your display gives customers the sense of luxury without adding much cost for the restaurant. From three piece sets to spreaders and cheese picks, give you cheese presentation a unique touch with the right tools.

Olive Plates:

Olives make a tasty companion to a nice, crisp Cabernet Sauvignon. They become an even more appealing addition when displayed in a long porcelain olive dish, such as this model manufactured by Strawberry Street.

salad and dessert plate

Small Plates:

Small plates can be used to serve any number of wine-friendly foods. Offering small plates during between-meal times encourages customers to add a snack to what might otherwise only be a glass or two of wine. Popular small plates that go with wine include: olives, cheeses, caprese salads and any number of breads and spreads such as hummus, tapenade or baba ghanouj.

sample plates

Food Sample Dishes:

Provide the perfect presentation along with wine tasting flights. Each compartment can hold a sample of food to go along with each varietal of wine.

vegetable bowls 

Vegetable Bowls:

Though these dishes are referred to as “vegetable bowls,” they can be used to serve a wide variety of small dishes. Vegetable bowls make a handsome display of salads, small pasta dishes, french fries, soups, the sky’s the limit! There are countless snack options that restaurateurs can offer as companions to the wine list. Guests will be encouraged to order snacks and small plates by the lower price point as well as the attractive presentations displayed on tables around them. Once the trend catches on, customers will remember your establishment as a great place to relax with a bottle of wine and some alluring, delicious snacks.


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  1. I love the idea of having small plates to go with wine snacks. It seems like when there are small plates, people are more willing to grab one and have a few snacks because the plate size means they only have to take a few food items. However, in my experience, the small plates almost always have people coming back for more because they get a taste of the delicious food and want more!

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