5 Tips for a Profitable Easter Brunch


Easter, like most other holidays, is a time for families to gather and feast. It’s also a time for respite from fasting, traveling and possibly chauffeuring children to and from recitals. This year, give your customers something to look forward to with an Easter brunch that covers all the necessary bases: attentive service, cocktails and festively fun special touches.

Here are some tips on how to cater an Easter brunch:

  1. Offer Multiple Buffet Stations
  2. Most people like to have many options for a meal as loaded as brunch. After all, it’s two meals in one. Offering multiple buffet stations, like a ham carving station, a waffle station, a pancake station, an omelet station and a scramble station, will allow guests to put together their own feast without feeling trapped into a decision-making moment. Offer a variety of toppings, such as strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream for the waffles and pancakes. For the egg dishes, pile on the the typical mushrooms, bell pepper and grated cheese, and offer the not so expected sweet potatoes, chorizo or goat cheese too. Give your guests tempting options at each station to help them create their own culinary masterpiece.

  3. Serve Sunday-Morning Cocktails
  4. While some of your attendees may celebrate Easter for religious reasons, other adults will consider Easter Sunday a day of leisure, and there is a good chance they spent part of their three-day weekend enjoying alcoholic beverages. For these clients, offer Sunday-morning mixed drinks like Bloody Marys, mimosas and fruit cocktail bellinis. This is a great way to please your Easter brunch diners and encourage them to come back next year.

  5. Decorate and Display Easter Eggs
  6. Hard boil a plethora of eggs and hire someone to paint and decorate them. Or you can decorate them yourself. Put your ornamental eggs on display at the buffet using a boiled egg display. Or you can put an Easter egg display at every table. Another great way to feature decorated eggs is let the children at the brunch decorate the eggs themselves with stickers and egg wrappers. Then the kids can proudly put their newly ornamented eggs on display. You can also use egg cups beside each table setting to hold and display your eggs.

  7. Make Your own Easter Candy
  8. Use Easter candy molds to make your own Easter-egg and bunny-shaped chocolates. Chocolate chicks and lambs are other shapes you can use for your Easter candy. Send every child at the Easter brunch home with a basket of home-made candies nestled in multicolored Easter basket grass.

  9. Put on an Egg Hunt
  10. Before the brunch occurs, hide decorated Easter eggs in different parts of the room, or you can use plastic eggs filled with candy or toys. After they have eaten, as their parents enjoy their brunch or cocktails, the kids can occupy themselves with finding the eggs. You can even make a competition out of it and give a grand prize (like a giant chocolate bunny) to the child who finds the most eggs. The other children won’t be too disappointed, because they can take home their own found eggs and the prizes inside.


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