Five Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Range for Your Operation


1. Determine What Type Of Commercial Range You Need

When determining what type of range is best for your operation, consider the pros and cons of heavy-duty ranges and restaurant ranges. Heavy-duty ranges provide increased durability while restaurant ranges have slightly more versatility. Wok ranges are also available for Asian style restaurants.

2. Decide On A Top Configuration

Top configurations on commercial ranges are likely the most important part of the selection process. This directly influences how your chefs will cook your menu items every day, and how the equipment will interplay with your cooking supplies. Carefully consider your food items before settling on a range top configuration.

3. Select The Size That Will Accommodate Your Needs

The size of range you need depends largely on your available commercial kitchen space, as well as how much surface space you need to adequately cook meals in your commercial kitchen. Select a range that will fit in the space you have and supply sufficient power for your chef.

4. Decide If You Will Need Any Additional Equipment

Additional cooking equipment can enhance your food by providing a way to melt cheese and add texture. Be sure to consider your full menu before deciding against any extra options.

5. The Difference Between Gas And Electric Utilities

Ranges are powered by gas utilities or electricity, and the type of range you need is generally determined by your existing commercial kitchen utility connections. There are pros and cons to both gas and electric, but it is important to be prepared and select equipment that will function in your space.


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