Supplying Your Wait Staff in a Fine Dining Restaurant


There is a certain level of service that is expected from the wait staff of a fine dining restaurant. After all, fine dining at its best is the epitome of hospitality. Proper staff training is paramount in preparing your restaurant for such a level of food service. However, even with the best training, if the wait staff doesn’t look the part, then a good portion of the battle is lost. The right fine dining wait staff supplies are as important as the right knife for a master chef.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep your crew at the top of their game.


If your wait staff, bussers or food runners wear aprons, they should match the elegance of the restaurant. Bistro style aprons are traditionally more formal than the shorter aprons of more casual establishment. The aprons should always appear fresh, crisp and without any stains. Keep a good amount of clean and ironed aprons on hand at all times of service for a quick change if needed.

Table Crumbers

Table crumbers are handy little devices that are perfect for swiping away bread crumbs, spilled sugar or salt and other crumbly bits that may fall onto the table. Servers should keep an eye on their table’s tidiness throughout the meal.

Waiter Gloves

Many fine dining restaurants employ their wait staff to wear waiter gloves as part of the uniform. Traditionally, tworn to keep bare skin contact off of the silverware and china, the white glove standard has become synonymous with the finest of restaurants. If your fine dining restaurant requires white gloves as part of the uniform, it is wise to keep a large stock and in several sizes. This is to ensure the ability for servers to change gloves if needed.

Waiter Corkscrews

Serving wine tableside is another important professional skill of the fine dining server. In order to do so, the waiter must be trained on how to properly open and pour a bottle. Opening a bottle of wine should always appear effortless and clean. The waiter corkscrew, also known as a wine key, allows such an execution to happen. Fine dining wait staff should keep the corkscrew on hand at all times, along with the table crumber, so that they are always prepared to assist a table in need.

Coffee & Tea Servers

Coffee and tea service is often expected at the end of a meal. Metal coffee servers, such as the Walco Soprano 18-ounce Gooseneck Coffee Server, offer an elegant touch within a durable stainless steel build.

Tea servers  in metal, white ceramic or clear glass designs all offer an equal degree of elegance. Tea servers are typically placed on the table after the initial cup has been poured, so be sure that your tea server matches the dinnerware and décor of your table tops.

Keep your front of house staff in ship-shape form with the right supplies for your fine dining restaurant. Outfit your employees with the tools to provide a truly exceptional experience for each guest.


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