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A well-known fact about dads is that they really like cooking and eating outdoors. And if you’ve got an annoyingly successful older sister, throwing your dad a little Father’s Day BBQ Bash is a surefire way to claim your spot as the number one most precious offspring.

But listen, you aren’t going to win dad back over with a sloppy, ill-conceived barbecue menu. Not after that stunt you pulled in your rebellious college years. No way.

Luckily we have the menu solution for you right here! Just add a dash of filial piety and you’re pretty much all set.


First things first. The beverages. Nothing lubricates a little family awkwardness like some delicious and nutritious alcohol. And if you are one of the lucky ones whose family is not awkward, just bring some beverages and quit rubbing it in, mkay?

To start, your dad might want a good old fashioned beer. You probably know best. But if you’re feeling a little fancier, how about a white peach margarita? It’s frozen, delicious, white and peachy. Pretty much can’t go wrong. You can also check out this here article for a barbecued bloody Mary recipe, as well as some tips for other low-calorie summer drinks.

For the kiddies, a little old-fashioned lemonade is always popular. If the kids are hip, maybe some rosemary lemonade? If the kids aren’t hip, just don’t invite them. You’ve got a reputation to uphold.

Now. The appetizers.

I’d say that ought to appetize folks enough, no?


Let us move on to the main ingredients. The meat of the matter, if you will.


And here are some ideas for vegetarian-friendly fare for your hippie type relations:

That’s all my fine friends and children of dads! Have a great Father’s Day and may I politely remind you to check out our BBQ supplies, in case you might just happen to be out of tongs or some such necessity. Dads always appreciate preparedness.

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