Energy Assessments for the Commercial Kitchen


The benefit of an energy assessment is that it will tell you exactly how much energy is being used for each function of your business. You can find the largest potential savings in the aspects of your operation that consume the most energy. By compiling and analyzing the data on your business’s energy usage, you can determine which steps will save you the most money.

Get A Free Assessment

Many utility companies offer free energy assessments for businesses. Although they usually do not interpret the data for you, just seeing the numbers can really help.

Compare Charts

Assessing energy use can be as easy as pie charts. A simple pie chart can be an extraordinary resource. It helps you determine which functions of your business consume the most energy and how your energy-use breakdown measures up to other similar establishments. By comparing data, you can figure out which aspects of your operation require energy-efficient changes.

Go Green In Your Kitchen

Make the right energy-efficient changes to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. has developed a certification program to help commercial kitchens step by step. Once you have determined where you need to save energy, let us can help you figure out how to implement the right changes. » Learn More

Continue To Self-monitor

After applying energy-efficient changes, you should continue to assess and self-monitor your restaurant’s energy use to track improvements. That way, if you are still not happy with your energy savings, you can make more changes in the right areas, or hire an energy consultant if necessary.


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