Easy Tips for Cooking Fish at Home


Fish MarketWith the arrival of Lent last week, many people are thinking about fish recipes for the Fridays leading up to Easter. And at the same time, many people are also a little wary of preparing seafood dishes in their own kitchens. Despite its health benefits, versatility, and speedy preparation, the fishy food chain cooking options leave a lot of you more than just a little turned off. Common reasons include anxiety over the flesh falling apart, fish-tank-like odors or assumptions that it’s just too expensive.

But these are just rumors. Fishy, fishy rumors. Cooking fish at home is easy, and we’ll show you how!

It’s time to face your fishy fears and get started. As with any new cooking adventure the first couple of times might be tricky, but be patient. Soon you’ll be falling fast in love with fixing fish for any night of the week.


Truthfully, the only bothersome part of cooking fish at home is the removal of the bones. Attempting this by hand, or with the wrong utensils, can certainly turn into a chore. Help yourself out by investing in a set of fish tweezers. Their ergonomic design will make pulling out even the smallest of bones a cinch.

Fish flesh is extremely delicate, so it’s very important to choose the right knife. For optimal dexterity, try using a fillet knife. Its length is perfect for most small to medium-sized fish. Additionally, the pointy tip can be used to pull out any bones as well.


Fish is one of the most versatile foods when it comes to cooking. Grill, steam, microwave, broil, roast, poached, bake, sauté, fry, the possibilities are endless. If simplicity is your style, grilling and or sauteing may be the way to go. The easiest way to turn fish over on the grill or in a pan is with an upgraded spatula known as a fish flipper. The construction of this specialized turner includes non-stick material, a sturdy handle and a wider-than-average base. This design allows users to expertly scoop and flip even the thinnest piece of fish.

Looking to try something a little different? Try steaming your fish. A bamboo steamer is an extremely healthy cooking tool that will cook fish quickly and without the use of added oils or fats. To add unique flavors to your dish, try steaming with liquids other than water. Some great options include wine, lemonade or green tea. And don’t forget to add in your own blend herbs and spices to further personalize and flavor your meal!

Tips and Tricks

Milk is not just for cookies and cereal anymore! It sounds odd, but soaking your fish overnight in a bowl of milk before cooking adds a fresh caught taste (and as an added bonus takes away overly fishy smells!) This can be especially valuable if you’re landlocked and dealing with less fresh or frozen fish. Just make sure you pat it dry after removing the fish from the milk bath.

Since fish cooks so quickly, it’s a very common mistake to overcook it. If you find yourself in this situation mask the dryness in a soup or chowder. Or, try transforming it into a sauce or dressing. No one will ever speculate your blunder.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! There are so many selections of fish and so many methods of preparing it, you’re guaranteed to find one.


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