Dinnerware Extras for Your Place Setting


Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are essential for cafés, diners and any other food service business that serves hot coffee regularly to customers. Keep the look of your coffee mugs similar to the rest of your dinnerware for a streamlined appearance in your restaurant.

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Vegetable Bowls

Vegetable bowls are available in a wide variety of sizes and are commonplace in restaurants serving up small sides of veggies and large family-style meals. Small vegetable bowls can also double as a sauce dish, fruit cup or children’s dessert bowl. Large vegetable bowls are perfect for buffet displays that serve salad, fruit or chips and salsa.

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Charger Plates

Charger plates are commonly referred to as service plates and chop plates. These decorative plates are larger than a dinner plate and typically measure around 12 inches in diameter. Charger plates are made strictly for decorative purposes and are not food safe. Caterers and fine dining restaurants often use charger plates to dress up the table setting by placing them under soup bowls, salad plates and entrée plates.

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Sauce and Relish Dishes

Gravy boats, compartment sauce dishes and condiment servers offer customers the ability to customize their order with added ingredients. These dishes are perfect for accompanying bread service, hot dogs, tacos, seafood, wings, baked potatoes, prime rib, turkey and hamburgers.

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