Tips and Supplies for Cutting Your Wedding Cake


Throughout the history of blessed unions, the tradition of wedding cake has evolved. In ancient Rome, a loaf of barley would be partially eaten by the groom and later broken into crumbles over the bride’s head, symbolizing the groom’s dominance in the union. Victorian society ushered cakes into a focal point that linked the bride as the central focus of a wedding. The cake’s frosting symbolized the purity and family wealth of the bride (the whitest frosting required the most expensive refined sugar.) Superstitions, traditions and gender roles have evolved through eras and geography, but in one way or another, wedding cake remains. Today, this tradition is considered a jovial element of the reception and is often a cue to guests that the end of the party is near. Plan ahead for how the cake will be cut and select a knife and server that fit in with your party’s style.

Choosing the Right Knife and Server

The right utensils will perform perfectly with style.

  • Consider serving size. Consider how large or small the cake pieces will be and purchase a cake server that will meet the size requirements.
  • Choose a cake knife. Select a matching knife with a serrated edge that will cut cleanly through the cake.
  • Maintain style in every detail. There a many wedding cake servers to choose from, keep it consistent and  follow the theme of the overall wedding décor.
  • Create a keepsake. Engraving is a great way to commemorate and personalize the serving set. Softer metals such as gold, sterling silver and pewter show the contrast of the engraving best and heavy metals like stainless steel will show an elegant but subtle marking.

Enjoy the Moment, You Planned Ahead

Communicate the event’s timing with the caterer, coordinator and entertainment.

  • Cue it up. Ask the DJ or band to provide a musical cue and verbal announcement to the party.
  • Know the final head count. Share this information with the person who will be cutting the entire cake for service.
  • Communicate with close family. Let them know if they should be nearby the cake for the cutting.
  • Coordinate the timing with the photographer. This is typically a quick moment in the reception and can be missed if the camera is not near or ready.

Choosing a wedding cake knife and server does not need to be as complicated as the cake’s history, and simple elegance will often perform beautifully. Keep the plans simple, plan ahead and enjoy the moment!
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