Creative Ideas and Supplies for a Casual Wedding Reception


Casual wedding reception supplies should reflect the style and theme of your party. Creative options are abound for all budgets to maintain a comfortable yet classy setting.

Welcome Guests with Creative Place Cards

Invite your guests into the party and set the tone for your casual affair. Some creative ideas are:

  • Use a small and simple place card holder to hold unique name cards with hints of your personality. For example, a fun idea for a garden wedding may be stashing wire place card holders in tiny flower pots filled with moss.
  • Set up a large visual display with a large chalk board or write on menu board and use it as a handwritten seating chart to direct guests to their seats.
  • Glue place cards to budget friendly toothpicks and arrange them in a table top display with a Styrofoam base.

Set the Stage for Daytime Receptions

If your reception will be held during daylight hours, the decorations should remain light and easy. Use decorative items such as:

  • Create a crisp blank slate and a clean finish with white or pale restaurant tablecloths on each table.
  • Fill glass vases in the center of each table with fresh in-season flowers or plants.
  • Re-purpose glass food jars and set them on tables or grazing areas filled with candy, fruit or party favors.

Encourage a Casual Evening with Inviting Accents

Create a comfort zone and inspire your guests to kick back with friendly and cozy decorative elements such as:

  • Set up gingham or checkered tablecloths on the ground to create candlelight picnic areas.
  • Place flickering candles in small candle holders on table tops, in alcoves, or on ledges to create a warm and romantic ambience.
  • Display baskets brimming with snacks, party favors and games strategically in places where small children or antsy adults can discover and play.

Serve a Casual Meal with Glass, China or Plastic

You be the judge on how laid back of an affair the reception will be. Incorporate products such as:

Set Up Concession Stands and Buffet Stations

Uncommon wedding reception offerings provide guests with familiar and fun trimmings.Fun ideas include:

  • Inspire the mood with carnival favorites and use concession equipment and supplies to set up a funnel cake or cotton candy station. Serve made to order hot dogs and pretzels during cocktail hour or furnish a snow cone stand with dessert.
  • Provide a “build your own”buffet station for menu items such as hot dogs or tacos.
  • Put a spin on one of your favorite treats or drinks and offer a variety of small servings for guests to sip or munch during the cocktail hour and dinner service. Place the items in a cold food table and arrange in various areas around the reception area to avoid long lines.

Casual weddings allow your personality to be the inspiration behind the reception’s style without succumbing to the conventional standard. Have fun with the flexibility and invite guests to kick up their feet for a night of celebration.

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