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Grilling Indoors Countertop Charbroiler

Charbroilers capture the essence of outdoor grilling, bringing the experience indoors for food service production. Utilizing underfire broiling technology, charbroilers efficiently grill food products creating distinctive grill marks and unmistakable flavor.

Pros of Countertop Grilling

  • Brings the flavor and taste of backyard grilling into food service production
  • Utilizes smoke and intense heat to sear, brown and char food
  • Removable grates for easy cleaning and access to heating elements
  • Creates visually appealing grill marks on all food products
  • Maintains constant cooking temperature and faster recovery times


  • Units stay lit during entire service resulting in high energy use
  • Low efficiency due to open burner construction
  • Must pre-heat cooking grid in order to cook food product
  • Smoke can get out of control without adequate ventilation

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Radiant Heat vs Lava Rocks Heat Sources

Radiant Heat

  • Pressure Steamers
  • Heat is deflected throughout surface
  • Hot spots are well defined
  • Consistency in cooking
  • Slanted heat sheaths limit flare-ups
  • Slanted sheaths are easier to clean

Lava Rocks

  • Pressureless Steamers
  • Ceramic briquettes simulate charcoal cooking
  • Uses a gas heating element
  • Fat drips onto the briquettes creating flavorful smoke
  • Briquettes must be changed twice a year adding extra cost
  • Increased flare-ups due to carbon and grease build up on briquettes

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