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When opening a new restaurant, you have to hire all of the right people to help make your business venture a success. Beyond regular employees, there are several contracted services you need to look into. Most of these service providers can be found in your yellow pages, but you can also try checking with surrounding restaurants to see who they contract with. Before you sign any service contracts, be sure to shop around, and check any references that are available and choose a service plan that best suits your specific needs.

Grease Haulers

Grease haulers and rendering services are responsible for hauling off and disposing of or recycling the fats, oils and grease (FOG) from your restaurant’s grease interceptor. Used restaurant FOG can be recycled into livestock feed, cosmetics, bio-fuel and other products. With the increasing popularity of alternative fuels, like biodiesel, many grease hauling and rendering services will actually pay restaurants for their used grease. » More on Recycling Used Cooking Oil

Garbage Haulers

Commercial kitchens produce a lot of waste. Though a large majority of it can be recycled, you will inevitably have to send some garbage to the landfill. When searching for a garbage hauler, there may be limited choices. Large hauling firms, like Rumpke and Waste Management, have specific territories in which they operate. If you do have a choice, be sure to find the service that best suits your needs. You will want to look at things like, how often you can schedule a pickup, how much they charge for additional pickups and how much it costs to rent the dumpster.


Recycling is a great alternative to sending trash to the landfill. Depending on the recycling services offered in your area, you can save a lot of money, too. When choosing a recycling service, the first place you will want to look is with your current garbage hauler. Most garbage haulers already have recycling programs in place. » More on the Benefits of Recycling in the Commercial Kitchen

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Rather than paying your employees to clean and mop the floors every night, you can hire a professional cleaning service that will come in and clean everything from top to bottom. If you choose to use a cleaning service, your employees should still perform regular cleaning tasks throughout the day to minimize the risks of food poisoning. You will also want to make sure than any food items are properly stored and sealed at the end of each day. This will assure that your food is not contaminated with cleaning chemicals, while the cleaning crew is power washing the floors, for example.

Linen Service

Fine dining restaurants or establishments that wash employee aprons oftentimes hire a professional linen service to clean their table linens and uniforms. Linen services clean, iron and fold table linens, much like a dry cleaner will clean and press “dry clean only” clothes in your wardrobe. When selecting a linen service, be sure they are able to handle any large tablecloths that you have and that they will follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions so your table linens do not come back crinkled or faded. You may also want to look into a service that offers green cleaning to reduce your environmental impact.


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