Why Computerized Fryer Controls?


Computerized controls are standard on a few fryers and an option on many models. They work with timers and sensors to ensure consistency – even by different members of your staff, under different conditions. Some even allow for programmed cooking cycles to ensure consistent cooking of commonly served foods from your particular menu.

Types of Fryer Controls:

Computer Magic

Automatically adjusts cooking parameters to provide consistent results regardless of the product load and no matter who is cooking. LED readouts display cooking time countdown (with audible alarm) and provide precise frypot temperature on command. The unit also features controlled boil-out at steady 195°F (80°C), recovery “test time,” programmable “shake” and “hold” time, and more. Available with full- or split-pot fryers.

Electronic Timer Controller

Times the cook operation for the time selected and signals audibly when time counts down. It automatically selects Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature values and stores the current time and temperature settings when the unit is turned off. The electronic timer controller operates full- or split-pot models with basket lifters. Features temperature check, boil-out, and melt-cycle operations, and lighted digital display.

Digital Solid State Controller

Smooth touchpad control panel is attractive and easy to operate. Features constant temperature display, melt cycle, lighted digital display, and Fahrenheit/ Celsius readings.

Analog Solid State Controller

Standard controls for high-efficiency gas and electric Frymaster® fryers. Assures pinpoint accuracy of oil temperature, preserves oil life, and produces a uniformly cooked product.


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