Competitive Eating: An Unbalanced Diet [Infographic]


At Food Service Warehouse, we deal in restaurant equipment and ice machines. But everyone’s real love is the food made on this equipment. We get a laugh out of competitive eating ourselves, because it’s kind of the opposite sort of food love. The care of crafting a delicious, full meal goes out the window. These folks are not interested in taste, it seems. It’s pretty funny stuff.

We wanted to learn a bit more about the world of competitive eating, so we did some research. Obviously, nutrition isn’t on the minds of the competitors at all, but just how many calories and grams of fat are being consumed? And how do they do it?! Well, after a bit of research, we put this infographic together. Afterwards, we’ll talk about just how we came up with some of these zany calculations.

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A Bit About The Numbers

Okay, we know that some of these numbers seem a bit funny. Of course, you can’t go pouring 9 jars of mayonnaise into your Prius and expect to drive 45 miles. When dealing with Calories from food, we’re actually talking about kilocalories as a unit of energy. From there we could make the necessary translations to Joules and Watts, and compare the energy generated by lightbulbs, tasers, and yes, motor vehicles.

We hope you got a kick out of some of visualizations. Stay tuned for more!


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