Solutions to Common Baking Problems at Home, Part 2: Cookie Catastrophes


Chocolate Chip CookiesI remember baking cookies with my grandma and my mom when I was growing up. It always seemed like they had magic hands because their cookies came out perfect every single time. But as I grew older and started baking my own cookies, I noticed that mine just didn’t come out the way theirs did back in the day.

The right ingredients and the right supplies contribute to how well your batch of cookies will come out. But even then you might still run into some issues. Not to worry, though! If you’ve fallen victim to less than perfect cookies, here’s what you can do about it.

Cookie Baking Problems and Solutions

Problem: Cookies Come Out Flat

This is a common problem with baking cookies at home. Most bakers I know prefer thick and chewy cookies rather than flat, hard cookies.

Solution: To get those thick, chewy globs of wonderful, start with a cool cookie sheet. This prevents the cookie dough from melting and spreading out before it’s time to bake. You may even store the cookie dough in the refrigerator before you put it in the oven.

Additionally, be sure to use real butter over margarine. Margarine and other butter wannabes have a higher water content, so they’ll contribute to the hard, flat cookie problem.

Problem: Cookies Always Burn

If your cookies burn easily, your oven temperature is likely too hot or you may need to try a different cooking surface.

Solution: Consider using parchment paper or a silicone baking mat to ensure more perfect cookies every time you bake. Parchment paper acts as an oven-safe, non-stick surface for baking applications. Baking mats are typically covered in silicone, providing a reusable non-stick baking product.

Simply line your cookie sheets with parchment paper, without letting any of it overhang (this could be a fire danger). Your cookies will easily slide off the parchment paper, and the paper can be reused several times for more batches. Parchment paper is not the same thing as wax paper, which is not oven-safe.

Problem: Cookies Dry Out Too Quickly

Have you ever baked the perfect batch of cookies one day, only to find them dried out and crunchy the next day?

Solution: Try storing cookies in an airtight container with a slice of bread. The moisture in the bread will transfer to the cookies, keeping them softer for longer. Do not reuse the bread as it will dry out.

No More Cookie Catastrophes

Now that you have some remedies to common cookie baking problems, you can get to work on that perfect batch. Always take altitude into consideration when baking cookies, and adjust your recipe as needed.

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