Commercial Microwave Oven Safety


Commercial microwave ovens are a familiar component of many restaurant kitchens today. Despite the commonality of these well-known pieces of equipment, always comply with manufacturer recommendations when operating a commercial microwave oven. Take a look at the safety suggestions below for more on how to run a safe commercial kitchen:

Place Microwave Oven At Waist-level

Placing the microwave on a waist-high countertop will eliminate the need to reach for and possibly spill hot foods and liquids.

Keep Oven Mitts Close At Hand

Keep hand protection like pot holders or oven mitts nearby. Containers and food that come directly out of the microwave can burn bare hands.

Maintain Doors and Door Seals

Keep microwave doors and door seals clean and in working condition. Bent, warped, or broken doors may release harmful radiation outside the microwave oven’s walls.

Use Microwave-safe Containers and Utensils

Make certain that your containers and utensils are labeled for safe microwave use. Most ceramic, glass and plastic containers and utensils are acceptable.

Never Microwave Metal or Foil

When metals reflect the microwaves that the oven produces, sparks fly. This can damage the machine and create a fire hazard in the kitchen.

Cover Foods While Cooking

Cover foods to ensure even cooking. This minimizes the danger of uncooked foods and bacterial growth, and will also keep the machine cleaner.

Stand Back

Do not stand too close or lean against an operating microwave for long periods of time. Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic activity may be detrimental over time.

Take Precautions Against Hot Water Eruption

When water or other liquids are “super heated” past boiling point, they may violently overflow when moved. Avoid burns by stirring occasionally, adding a pinch of sugar before heating, or heating with a non-metal utensil in the cup, such as a wooden spoon.


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