What Options & Accessories are Available for Your Commercial Ice Machine?


There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial ice machine.  Speak with your Account Manager to learn more about the additional accessories and options:

remote condensing unit

Remote condensing unit

A remote condensing unit is available on just about any air-cooled ice machine. This might be useful for an application where customers are sensitive to noise levels near the ice machine. For remote applications, a refrigeration line set is required.

Storage bin

Storage bin

Unless the ice machine is a self-contained unit, an ice bin (or dispenser) is necessary for ice storage. Ice bins simply hold the ice until it is ready for use.



Ice dispensers are available as full size floor style or countertop units for hotels and quick serve restaurants.

Bin Adaptor

Bin adaptor

This is a custom bin adaptor that allows an ice machine to fit on a larger bin, or potentially a bin supplied by another manufacturer. Check with your Account Manager to see if you need an adapter.

water filtration

Water filtration

Ice machines produce cleaner and better tasting ice with water filters. Water filters can also help maintain longer lasting warranties on the ice machines, depending on the manufacturer.

Ice scoop

Ice scoop

Select an ice scoop to ensure ice is always harvested with clean, sanitary tools.

Ice tote or cart

Ice tote or cart

Use an ice transport tote or ice caddie if ice will be moved from one area of the restaurant to another, or potentially for use for catered events where the ice machine is in one area and the service area is in another.

Bonus Tips

When selecting a commercial ice machine, there are other features of note that are important to talk about with your FoodServiceWarehouse.com Account Manager, since they can be valuable options when it comes to your particular commercial convection oven.

Life Expectancy

Hour Glass
On average, commercial ice machines five to eight years in a commercial kitchen setting.

Learn more about preserving the life of your ice maker »


Warranty Stamp
Three years parts and labor is a typical ice machine warranty. An additional two years on the condenser and evaporator is common. Warranties are often extended with the addition of a water filter.

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