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Clearing out cobwebs from ceilings, dirt behind your refrigerator or debris on top of ceiling fans can be simple jobs to perform if one has the proper duster in hand. Not every type of duster can be used for simple dusting jobs.

Each duster has been individually designed to clean a specific something. Understanding the different types of dusters will help you determine which one is right for the job.

Cobweb Duster

cobweb duster
This is perfect for collecting dust, dirt and cobwebs. It has contoured bristles that help the collection process. It is a good tool top reach high spots.
The bristles are gentle and effective that clean without doing damage to walls or paint. The cobweb duster makes it easier to clean fan blades, corners and high ceilings.

Extend-To-Reach Duster

extend to reach duster
This duster is designed to reach and clean high window blinds and ceiling fans. An extendable handle is connected to the head that allows the user to reach those higher areas and the low spots as well. This duster makes it easier to clean light fixtures, vents and fan blades.

Pipe Duster

pipe duster
A pipe duster comes with a pre-formed, contoured frame that allows the easy cleaning of overhead pipes and ducts. It has a head that cab be laundered and a durable wire frame to maximum dusting capabilities.

Split Duster

split duster
This duster, also known as a “rabbit ear duster,” can be bent to form around shapes, allowing additional dusting capabilities that other dusters cannot do. A split duster makes it easy to clean blinds, fan blades, furniture and other narrow objects and spaces.

Feather Duster

feather duster
This is one of the most popular dusters. It is simply made up of a handle with a head composed of natural, normally from an ostrich, or artificial feathers.
It uses static electricity to pick up dust, debris and dander. A feather duster works well when cleaning most smooth surfaces.

Counter Duster

counter duster
This product is more of a duster brush that typically comes with a handle and bristles made of either Tampico, horsehair or polypropylene.
A counter duster helps to keep counters, tabletops, shelving and cupboards clean. The sturdy bristle tips make it an ideal tool for cleaning fine dust from smooth surfaces.

Hand Duster

hand duster
The hand duster is worn like a glove. It works well when cleaning out dirt and dust from the smallest cracks and crevices.
It is a versatile duster can be used to both wash and dust something. The hand duster makes it easy to clean furniture and other equipment as well as washing cars and outdoor furniture.


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