How to Clean a Deep Fryer


You should clean the tank of your commercial deep fryer on a daily basis. It sounds like a messy job, but in point of fact it isn’t so dreadful.

What To Do

  • Turn off the fryer and unplug it.
  • Empty the contents of the filter or crumb-catch into a fire-proof container.
  • Wait for the oil to cool down to at least 150° F and drain it.
  • Remove fry baskets, basket hangers and the tank rack.
  • Remove all loose debris and scrub all surfaces with a cleaning brush.
  • For tough buildup, scrub with an abrasive pad.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue.
  • Refill with oil.
  • Clean and dry fry baskets, tank rack and basket hangers before putting them back.
  • Despite the fact that this wasn’t actually that hard, be sure to complain about it enough to maybe get a drink on the house or something like that.

So that’s that for your daily fryer cleaning regimen. Not too bad, right? Additionally, once a week you should give your fryer a more thorough cleaning.

  • After draining the oil, use warm water, dishwashing detergent and a degreaser to scrub the tank.
  • Drain the soapy water.
  • Rinse with water and vinegar to be sure no soap is left over.
  • Rinse again with water.

Follow these steps and let your deep fryer fry the way it was born to fry. Shiny. Clean. Glorious.

And if you still feel like you aren’t giving your deep fryer enough attention, check out these commercial deep fryer maintenance tips to extend the life of your machine and get the most from your investment.

Illustrations by the talented Roman Martinez for FSW.


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