How to Choose the Right Condiment Dispenser


Quick service, ice cream shops, fast food and concession stands maximize profits by serving customers quickly and conveniently. A staple of many of these types of food service providers are condiment dispensers. A condiment dispenser allows restaurants and concessions to move customers through the line more quickly by allowing them to dress their own hot dogs, French fries and burgers at a condiment station. This prevents indecisive customers from scratching their heads at the register – deciding to go with or without onions on their hotdog. Because toppings come in so many forms, from relish to nacho cheese, condiment dispensers come in several varieties to hold on to all of the delicious toppings that customers crave.

Pump Dispensers

The first type of condiment dispenser to consider is a pump dispenser. Pump dispensers deliver viscous condiments like ketchup, mustard, nacho cheese and hot fudge with a sanitary pump mechanism that helps keep condiment areas clean. These units are easy to operate and are available as single pump dispensers or up to five pump dispensers in a single unit. Cold insulated units can be filled with ice or ice packs and hot pump dispensers come in a variety of plug-in models that can hold goopy fudge for ice cream shops, melted butter for movie theaters or nacho cheese for convenient stores.

Condiment Holders

Pan relish servers or drop-in insulated servers are condiment holders that can accommodate condiments in one-sixth size pans. These units are insulated and can be filled with ice or ice packs to help keep condiments cool. A single unit is perfect for storing lemons by a beverage station while a three or four compartment condiment holder is ideal for hot dog and concession stands.

Push Button Dispenser

For convenience stores and concession stands that want to maintain the highest sanitary standards while still offering their customers a self-serve option, a push button dispenser is the way to go. These condiment dispensers are perfect for convenience stores that offer self-serve nachos and chili-cheese dogs. They warm and hold up to two condiments and dispense them with the push of a button.

Ladle Dispensers

Ice cream shops, convenient stores and movie theaters can utilize a ladle dispenser to serve nacho cheese, hot fudge or fruit sauces. These units feature flip up tops and ladles to serve viscous toppings. They come with cold or hot holding units and can feature up to four containers per unit. Ladle dispensers are perfect for grocery stores that want to feature a soup and salad bar.

Understanding the different types of condiment dispensers can help you better select the best unit for your operation. From pump to push button dispensers to simple condiment holders and ladle dispensers, condiment dispensers will help your food service business keep a streamlined operation.


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