Charbroilers: Bright Broiling Tips


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Bright Broiling Tips

Work smarter, not harder, and save money with these energy-smart solutions.

Reduce preheating time. Do not preheat longer than the manufacturer recommends. For underfired charbroilers, reduce your preheating time to 15 or 20 minutes.

Turn it off. Your broiler consistently uses more energy than six fryers combined, so leaving it on stand-by can raise energy costs enormously. Turn it off during slow times. Turning off your charbroiler for three extra hours a day can save you more than $600 per year.

Use only what you need. To compromise between readiness and saving money, only turn off part of the charbroiler. This is another way to eliminate stand-by times and save significant amounts of money over the year.

Do not overload your charbroiler. Use it to capacity, but do not overload it. The trapped heat could damage the burner and the liners.

Use your griddle whenever possible. Griddles have thermostats, allowing you to reduce the heat. This means you will consume less energy. Models with grooves will even leave “grill marks” on your food just like a commercial charbroiler.

Properly ventilate the cooking area. Broilers require greater ventilation than other types of commercial kitchen equipment since they radiate on average 25% of the heat they use to the surrounding kitchen space. This could result in higher cooling costs for the whole kitchen.

Be Good to Your Broiler

To keep your equipment performing efficiently and with the least amount of energy, establish a regular maintenance plan with these maitain and save tips.

Look for signs of metal fatigue. As your charbroiler reaches the end of its service life, metal fatigue and corrosion may cause performance inefficiencies. Cook times increase and energy is not used as efficiently. Situations like this may call for a replacement.

Clean your charbroiler properly. Never raise the heat with the intent of scorching off food debris. This is a waste of energy and can easily damage your gas valves. Clean your broiler with proper tools and take more preventative measures.

Properly clean the radiants on a daily basis. To keep your charbroiler functioning as it should, remove the radiants daily and scrub them in a sink with a wire brush.

Keep burner boxes free of ashes. To perform efficiently, your charbroiler needs to be cleaned daily. Clear ashes away to ensure proper heat transfer.

Charbroiler Champions

Saving energy dollars begins with choosing the right equipment. Learn which energy-smart features can save you the most money and help you to conserve electricity or gas with these shop smart & save energy dollars tips.

Check out electric charbroilers. If you can cook with an electric charbroiler instead of gas, you will save more energy. In fact, studies show that electric broilers can be 30% more efficient than gas models. Your maintenance costs will also be less.

Go with infrared elements. The great thing about infrared elements is they can reach full power in 90 seconds, eliminating long preheat times and saving money in the long run.

Check for even heat distribution. If you choose a gas model with burners that are spaced more than six inches apart, hot spots may form on the cooking surface and cause uneven heating. Find a model with the most even heat distribution possible.

Check for rebates. Many types of energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment have rebates available from utility companies. It pays to check with your local utility provider since rebates can cut a significant portion off your initial cost.


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