Care and Safety Tips for Commercial Dinnerware


Care and Safety Tips for Commercial Dinnerware

Be sure to read the label or product specifications for your dinnerware. Incorrect care can result in warping, cracking and possibly fire.


Melamine is a sturdy material that is ideal for users who are tough on their stuff. However, because of how melamine is made, it should never go in the microwave. Melamine can migrate from the plate to food when placed in extreme temperatures of 160º F or higher.

Metal-Rimmed Plates

Beautiful dinnerware with metal accents of gold or silver offer an elegant element for catered events and fine dining establishments. They also offer a flammable element to microwave ovens. Keep plates with metal accents out of the microwave at all times.

China Dinnerware

Commercial china dinnerware is known as a restaurant standard. Although these dishes are constructed to withstand the rigors of a restaurant, it’s important to note a few important care tips. For a detailed list of how to care for your china dinnerware, check out our article: Dinnerware: Caring for Your China.


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