Cake Decorations: Bee Ornaments


For spring celebrations, birthdays and weddings try these easy steps for making bumble bee cake decorations! Your guests will be buzzing about it for weeks.

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How to Make Bumble Bee Cake Decorations

You’ll will need:

  1. Roll out black fondant or gum paste, and use a small round pastry tip to cut out two tiny eyes for the bee.
  2. Roll the eyes gently between your fingers to make them round.
  3. Flatten out more black fondant, and use your pastry wheel or a pizza cutter to cut it into stripes.
  4. Roll out white fondant or gum paste until it is thin.
  5. Use a small circular pastry cutter to cut out two wings.
  6. Use your finger to make an indentation in the top of the wing, and pinch to flatten the end that will attach to the shoulder.
  7. Use your hands to roll out the body of the bee, in yellow fondant or gum paste, in whatever shape you desire. A long teardrop, egg or tiny pear shape works well.
  8. Drizzle water on the stripes of the bee to stick them to the body of the bee.
  9. Use water to stick the wings onto the center of the bumble bee’s back.
  10. Use water to stick the eyes onto the bee.
  11. Take a small, plain round pastry tip and use black frosting to draw a mouth onto the bee.

And that’s all, folks! Ready to make that cake? Click here to browse our cake decorating supplies. If you’re still hankering for ideas, click here to learn more wedding menu ideas and tips.


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