Brooms: Choosing the Right Bristle


Whether it is sweeping out your dusty loading dock, messy kitchen floor or pesky debris from your sidewalk, knowing which type of bristle your broom will have will determine what products are right for which jobs. There are several types of specialty broom bristles for any situation.


nylon broom
It is a popular bristle type used in brooms today because it is long lasting and versatile. Nylon has a high resistance to chemicals, such as acid, oil and most solvents.

Nylon is also very sturdy in nature, which gives it its overall strength. Its bristles can be used in both wet and dry environments for aggressive scrubbing or for a light dusting. It is also abrasion resistant and does not absorb water easily. Nylon also has a high heat tolerance and excellent bend recovery rate.


polypropylene broom
This bristle type has a lengthy life span because it is highly resistant to acids and most solvents. Brooms or brushes that use polypropylene bristles are most useful in conditions of high moisture, as the bristles do not absorb water.

This product can be used for light or aggressive scrubbing. It is rugged, durable and lightweight. A polypropylene broom is often used to sweep off leaves, dirt or other debris from a damp loading dock or sidewalk.

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tampico broom
Tampico is made from a plant located in the semi-desert areas of northern Mexico. There really is no plastic substitute for this type of bristle. It has great liquid holding capabilities and is great for scrubbing and surface finishing.

It is a very resistant material but with a fine and smooth texture to it. Tampico is more expensive but keeps its quality and smoothness for a longer period of time.

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horsehair broom
The hair crafted into this unique style of bristle comes from either a horse’s tail or mane. The finished product has soft and slightly stiff characteristics to it. Horsehair bristles have a thick texture and a high resilience to harsh chemical products.

It is mainly used for polishing areas and will not scratch surfaces. This type of bristle can also be used for heavy dusting, even against rough surfaces because of its coarse body. It is the perfect product for cleaning with fluids and for general cleanup.

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palmyra broom
This type of bristle is very course and durable. The texture is stiff and has the appearance of split bamboo. The thick fiber is made from parts of the Palmyra leaf, which is found in India and Africa.

Palmyra stalk broom heads are typically used for heavy-duty sweeping. Most street, road and yard brooms will be constructed with Palmyra stalk bristles. Deck scrubs and scrub brushes will also have palmyra bristles. This is an economical product that is good for heavy duty use, but loses strength when it is wet.

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