Basic Chocolate Fountain Recipes


Have you ever thought of adding a chocolate fountain to the dessert table at your parties? They provide a great gathering place for guests and create a fun way to offer something sweet. Many people who use chocolate fountains opt for packaged chocolate chips or wafers, which are great, but lack in variety. When going the store-bought route, you typically get one of three choices: white, milk or dark chocolate. All classic choices, but did you know you could easily make them yourself? That’s right, chocolate fountain recipes are a cinch! And with a little extra zest, you can make some darn good variations of the usual options. Check out our chocolate fountain recipes below and make something decadent for your next party!

basic chocolate fountain recipes


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  1. Watch out for the heavy cream chocklate recipy. You really do need to heat the cream. I added cold cream to my melted chocklate which caused it to harden and thinken into a constincey which remained unuseable even after multible reheatings. But it tasted great

    • Rachael Moyte
      Rachael Moyte on

      Yes. Always add hot to hot and cold to cold when working with different ingredients, but especially chocolate.

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