Basic Kitchen Supplies Found in the Break Room


Equipment is not the only thing you need to deck out your break room. You will also need an assortment of kitchen supplies. Even if your employees bring their own lunches every day, chances are they will not carry cream and sugar for their coffee.

Coffee condiments in individual organizers

Condiment Organizers

In close proximity to the coffee maker, most break rooms have the necessary condiments to flavor that coffee, like creamer, sugar substitute and so forth. Placing the individual packets in a condiment packet holder will keep the break room neat and tidy.

Chef's knife


Providing a few pieces of professional cutlery, like a chef’s knife and paring knife, in the break room will allow employees to easily slice their fruits or vegetables for their lunch or a snack.



Reusable dinnerware is the best option for most break rooms, as long as you have a method to wash the dishes. Though the initial investment may be high, you will save money in the long run since you don’t have to buy new plates and cups every time you run out.


Regardless of whether or not your office encourages workers to bring in their own cups, water bottles and coffee mugs, a one-time purchase of some basic drinkware will stock your break room cupboards with enough glasses to accommodate guests or workers who forget their “World’s Best Employee” mug.

Several flatware cylinders full of silverware


As with reusable dinnerware, reusable flatware will save you money in the long run, because it’s cheaper to wash the silverware than constantly buying new plasticware. Also, reusable flatware will make the break room feel more like home.

Soap Dispenser

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Proper handwashing technique requires the use of soap to help remove grime and kill germs. Make your break room a healthy space by placing a liquid soap dispenser next to the sink and keeping it filled, so employees are encouraged to wash their hands properly.
Paper towel dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser

There should be a paper towel dispenser near the sink and extra paper towels in the supply closet at all times. Whenever something explodes in the microwave, or after workers wash their hands, they will need something to dry off with.


If you have enough space available in the break room, you should put break room tables in it, so employees can eat lunch away from their desk. This is the primary reason for most break rooms, and you should encourage your employees to take a break away from the computer during their lunch.
A chair for a restaurant with modern décor


At the minimum, the break room furniture arrangement should have enough chairs to accommodate the number of employees eating lunch at the same time, so everybody has a seat. If everybody eats together, then you’ll need one seat per employee. To further increase employee morale and comfort, you can provide sofas, lounge chairs and other comfortable seating options.

Disposable dinnerware


No matter how hard you try, every break room will have to include some break room disposables, even if it’s just paper napkins. You may also want to have a few paper plates and disposable cutlery on hand in case you are celebrating an employee’s birthday and there aren’t enough forks to go around. In order to be more eco-friendly in the break room, consider using only biodegradable tableware.
A kitchen wastebasket

Trash Can

No break room is complete without a kitchen wastebasket in which employees can deposit their napkins, food scraps or other trash. You may want to consider placing some commercial recycling containers in the break room, too, one for each category of recyclable product (paper, plastic, glass). This will encourage employees to be more cognizant of the environment both at work and at home.


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