Ask Keegan: How Do I Cut a Cake Properly?


Keegan Cutting Cake

I’ve often wondered, “just exactly how do I cut a cake?”After being put in charge of cutting cakes at various times in my life, I’ve learned that I’m not the go-to person for the task. Whenever I’ve been handed a knife and asked “could you?” I would reluctantly take the knife and begin as carefully as possibly. But about midway through the second slice, I always find myself navigating through frosting clumps and mounds of crumbs.

But I knew that there had to be a better way to cut a cake. Especially when perusing perfectly shaped cake slices on dessert carts and in bakery display cases, but I never asked anyone for pointers. I just figured it was my clumsiness and that other people were just magically better at creating clean slices.

And then one day thanks to my gig at,  I had the opportunity to ask celebrity chef and master pastry artist  Keegan Gerhard a question. Can you guess what it was?

In this next installment of Ask Keegan, we tackled the question:

How do I cut a cake properly? 

It turns out, that it’s really not that hard (or magical) at all!

Here’s what you need:

chef’s knife that is as long as the cake is wide
pitcher of hot water as tall as the blade
2 kitchen towels
pie marker

And what do you do next? Watch and find out!


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