Do You Need a Water Filter for Your Commercial Ice Machine?


The majority of commercial ice machine malfunctions are water related. There are chemicals, dissolved minerals or other contaminants in water that can build-up on the inside and damage the machine. Furthermore, these contaminants can make ice taste or smell foul and decrease ice production. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help remove the contaminants, but a water filtration system can stop the damage before it starts.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration may seem like a frivolous expense for your commercial ice machine, but there are several reasons why filtration is beneficial to your ice machine and your business.

  • Filtration removes contaminants that make ice taste bad. Chlorine and dissolved minerals can make ice taste and smell bad. A water filtration system will remove the contaminants.
  • A water filter helps maintain peak ice production. Minerals and contaminants in the water will build up inside the commercial ice machine, and the more the contaminants build up, the harder it is for your ice machine to maintain production.
  • Water filtration decreases maintenance and repair costs. Mineral deposits force the ice machine to work harder which can lead to premature compressor failure. The mineral deposits can also corrode seals and washers, forcing downtime and costly repairs.

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Dirty vs Clean Water

Water Filtration as a Requirement

There are no health codes or warranties that specify the need for water filtration on your commercial ice machine. However, the warranty can be voided if the machine is damaged by adverse water conditions, so if your machine breaks down and the service agent determines that it was caused by poor water quality, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. Plus, if your water conditions are bad enough to damage your ice machine, your ice probably tastes and smells bad, too, and would benefit from a water filter.

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Water Filter Sizing Guide

Water filters are sized differently depending on the ice machine brand and the daily ice yield. Generally, different filters for three different brackets of daily ice production: 0-600 pounds; 600-1200 pounds, and more than 1200 pounds. Most water filtration systems have a water pressure gauge, filter manifold with water shutoff valve and a removable filter cartridge. To replace the filter, all you have to do is shut off the water valve and remove and replace the filter cartridge.

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  1. It is interesting to me that you mentioned how a system like this will bring down repair and maintenance costs. I hadn’t considered this, but I imagine that it is much easier to take care of clean water machines than dirty ones. This is definitely very beneficial to a commercial situation, and I think that I will be purchasing one soon. Thank you for your detailed article and for all of the information and what this type of system can do.

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