A Short Review of Today’s Food Service Trends


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Here’s a look at some of the top headlines concerning food service businesses this week:

Signs of the Times

In the article, Top Menu Board Strategies, QSR Magazine contributor, Sonya Chudgar explores ideas to get your restaurant’s menu board looking sharply in compliance with the new federal menu-labeling law.

What Has Your Receipt Done for You Lately?

Smart receipts are reviewed as a new and “game-changing” marketing tool for restaurants in the article, The game-changers: Smart Receipts, by the Nation’s Restaurant News.

Inspired Cocktails: New York vs. New England

Speaking of Super Bowl Sunday, serve up an organized collection of cocktails for your game day guests. The Spirit put together a great slideshow for a friendly Super Bowl Drink Off.

Canned Brains in Gravy and Frozen Pickle Pops

Ever  pass by an item in the grocery store aisle and find yourself gasping the horrified response of, “why?” Such note-worthy offerings were put together in an interesting slide show by The Daily Meal, called Strangest Packaged Food of All Time.

Seasonal Sales Strategies to Manage Revenue Swings

Full-service restaurants in seasonal tourist areas see ebbs and flows of revenue as the population in a certain area rapidly increases and decreases, depending on the time of year. Carolyn Walkup of Restaurant Management discusses Seasonal Strategies with restaurant owners from coast to coast.

Is This Part of Policy?

Wondering what has happened recently in the land of food policy?Serious Eats reported 5 News Bites for the week of January 30, 2012.

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